Home Loans

When selecting a home loan, it’s important to consider what your individual needs are and not just the interest rate. There are a lot of different home loans to choose from with different features, fees and interest rates. Anyone can get a loan, but let us at Aspire Credit Solutions show you how to get the right loan. The right loan could save you thousands over the life of the loan.

Investment Loans

There are many reasons why investing in property might be a good idea. Property investment can help you build your wealth, whilst providing you with some tax incentives. Whether you’re looking for your first investment property or are a seasoned investor, we can discuss what options are available to you and the best way to structure your loan.

Loans for Self-Employed

Those that are self-employed are assessed differently from employees when applying for a home loan. When you are self-employed, there is a lot to consider and it can be difficult to get approval for a traditional home loan. Speak to us at Aspire Credit Solutions to find out what is required for you to get a loan.

First Home Buyers

If you are buying your first home, this can be a very exciting but stressful process. First home buyers may be eligible for the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG), which is an one-off, tax-free payment to assist first home buyers. Speak to us to gain some practical advice on how to purchase your first home or to find out whether you are eligible for the First Home Owners Grant.

Refinance & Restructuring

Refinance and restructuring your home loan can be an effective way to reduce costs and ensuring you have the right loan structure. At Aspire Credit Solutions, we compare your current home loan against the many different home loan lenders to find the best in the market. We will help you find a loan with a lower interest rate to help reduce your loan repayments. We will also structure your loan to ensure it best fits your needs.

Debt Structuring

A carefully structured home loan enables you to maximise your interest savings and minimise the time it takes to pay off your home loan. We will help structure your loan that best fits in with your financial position and lifestyle.

Asset Finance

Asset finance can help you buy the assets you need, when you need them. Asset finance is designed for the purchase of business assets such as motor vehicles or office equipment. We can help you find a simple and flexible asset finance solution.

Bridging Loans

Selling your home and buying a new property at the same time can be a little tricky. It can sometimes take a while to sell your home, leaving you without the sale proceeds to buy your new property. If you are buying another home before selling, a bridging loan can provide you with funds to secure your next property without waiting to sell your existing home. Bridging loans can also provide finance to build a new home while you live in your current home.

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