Why should you care about financial planning?

Why should you care about financial planning?

Financial Planning is still an unknown topic for those who do not have a relationship with a financial planner, and many people still ignore the importance of planning for their financial security and future.

So, let’s break ‘financial planning’ down into easy understandable chunks, and highlight why you should care about financial planning for your future wellbeing and happiness.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is all about YOU, and what you want to achieve financially for you and your family.

It’s not about which investments you should have or which managed fund you should invest into or which stock or shares you should buy and sell.

It is more than that. It has emotional value attached to it, and it has everything to do with what YOU want to achieve in life, and what means the most to you.

It’s planning for your future. It’s about painting a ‘big picture’ of your goals, dreams and objectives so that a roadmap can be designed to help you navigate your way to your ‘big picture’ destination.

What do you want out of life?

Financial planning is about helping you determine your own answers to this question.

It’s about taking the time out of busy chaotic lives, and focusing your thoughts on one’s situation first, and laying down the steps for a future of financial independence.


To be able to do what you want in life minus the financial constraints.

Financial planning should be a priority whether you’ve just got your first job to starting a family to looking at retirement options. As they say, the earlier you start planning and caring for your future, the better prepared and organised you will be to give yourself an edge or a head start in life that could prove to be the difference in achieving financial independence over financial dependence.

Can you do it alone?

Yes, but do you have the expertise, skills and the strategic knowledge to do a proper job on your own?

And, what about time?

It’s hard enough holding up a full-time job, balancing family commitments with work, and don’t forget your weekends are taken up with sporting activities, chauffeuring your kids from one birthday party to another, and getting ready for the week to start again.

Anything can be done on your own, but when it comes to specialist knowledge based advice, you’d want to make sure you’re getting professional advice that is right for you, personalised to your situation, and most importantly, one that is strategically designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Engaging a trusted professional adviser can make the process easier, and you get your own dedicated ‘coach’ to keep you on track and accountable. ¬†This relationship can be priceless when it comes to turning your financial aspirations into reality.

Don’t forget, YOU are in the centre of planning for your financial future. All planning should revolve around you and your family.

Planning is about guiding you to your desired financial destination.


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